Welcome family, friends, and fans!

Rockclub was formed by Chris Hewett and Fred Barreto in 2016 with the goal to give kids the experience of performing together on stage in front of a public audience.  Over time, we have grown to approximately 10 young musicians that range from ages 10 to 19. They play covers of artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Doors, The Clash, Greenday, and Jimi Hendrix, and even one of our previous members, Jana, has written over 8 new original songs and won Best Live Performance and Best Original Song at the Screaming Fields 2019 competition at Rockhal!

Rockclub has been performing all around Luxembourg over the past couple years:  Rocas Theatre, Liquid Cafe, UpDown Bar, a festival in Echternach, Fête de La Musique in Wellenstein, Place d’Armes for Bichermaart, in the Luxembourg Christmas Markets, the Rotondes for On Stéitsch, and The Box for Springbreak.lu.



Photos provided by Michaela Carbolova and Lucie von Lucilin Photography


Rockclub performing the song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin with Michael Stein on drums.

Rockclub performing the song “Alive” by Pearl Jam with Michael Stein and Daniel Fastro.

Rockclub performing the song “Alive” by Alice in Chains.

Rockclub performing the song “Love Me Two Times” by The Doors.

Rockclub performing the song “Heaven” by Depeche Mode.

Rockclub performing the song “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.

Rockclub performing the song “Hound Dog” by Big Momma Thornton.

Rockclub performing the song “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secregt” by Queens of the Stone Age.

Rockclub performing the song “Find Out What’s Happening” by Bobby Bare.

Rockclub performing the song “Love Me Two Times” by The Doors.

Rockclub performing the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash.

Rockclub performing the song “Come Together” by The Beatles.

Rockclub performing the song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.

Rockclub performing the song “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones.

Want to join?

What is Rockclub?

Rockclub is a music club for aspiring musicians (guitarists, bassist, drummers, keyboardists, vocalists) who want the unique opportunity to play in a band and perform on stages all around Luxembourg.  Our vision is to create an unprecedented music learning experience that inspires musicians to want to master their instrument and become lifelong performing musicians, professionally or just for fun!

What does Rockclub provide?

  • A one-of-a-kind performance & recording studio within walking distance of the International School of Luxembourg, Lycée Athénée, and the Conservatory Ville De Luxembourg
  • A professional studio manager to optimize the musical experience for each practice session
  • A professional band instructor that teaches members how to play and perform as a band
  • The opportunity to perform in live concerts at public venues around Luxembourg
  • Video recordings & professional photos of all Rockclub concerts to share with friends & family

Where do we practice?

Rockclub sessions are held at a home studio located in Belair (L-1539).

What are the requirements?

  • You must own your own instrument (unless you are a vocalist).
    • The Rockclub studio will provide a drumset, keyboard, PA, guitar amp, and bass amp.
  • You need to have enough experience such that you can at least play a few songs well.
    • Rockclub will assess your level of skill to ensure you will be able to play well with others.
  • It is highly recommended that you have an instructor who provides you with 1-on-1 instruction for the songs you are playing in Rockclub since Rockclub focuses on playing with a band only. Rockclub does not do 1-on-1 instruction.
  • We have a “Rockclub Network” of instructors we can connect you with if you need one.  Just let us know! (Contact us HERE)

When do we practice?

  • Rockclub sessions are usually once a week for 45 minutes on weekdays at either 4pm or 5pm.

Trimester calendar:

Each trimester includes a minimum of 8 x 45 minute sessions (on a weekday) at the Rockclub studio and an end-of-trimester Rockclub concert at a public venue where everyone gets to play.*

  • Trimester 1:
    • September – December
  • Trimester 2:
    • January – March
  • Trimester 3:
    • April – June

*Note: If Rockclub is given the opportunity to play additional concerts, then some members may be asked to participate. These concerts will NOT cost any additional money.  Also, if any of these additional concerts require more practice sessions, members will NOT be charged. Basically, the most Rockclub members will every have to pay for each trimester is 450 Euros.

What is the cost?

  • The cost is 450 Euros per trimester (paid at beginning of trimester)
    • A 10% discount will be given for each additional family member enrolled.

Open positions:

We are currently looking for the following musicians:

  • 2 vocalists
  • 2 drummers
  • 3 guitarists
  • 3 bassists
  • 3 keyboardists

How to contact us?

If you or a family member is interested in being a part of Rockclub or you want to book Rockclub for your venue, please let us know!